Christmas Town and New Year joy

There is a new Christmas town in Torn – could be a few nice surprises in store for what has been quite a boring year (in my opinion anyway…). From the newsletter it looks kind of similar to the previous version, with some nicer graphics, and no doubt a better engine.

Story lines sound like they are done away with, so perhaps it will be more like the missions where you get a random one starting at certain points, so once you are done with it there is no more blindly walking around hoping you get some goodies.

Elsewhere in torn there are plenty of community events on. Mostly around creating Christmas related things either in real life, or in paint. Sadly no writing based competitions so far (I won’t be singing for you all), but there is a guess the sweets and a ‘Torn Meme’ comp.

Personally I’m running a lotto for a PI (Entry is 1 lotto voucher) – more info here


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