Lessons learn – Dog Tag competition and mass attacking

So the most hectic 20 days of the year have come and gone and we now have our Dog Tag competition winners

I thought I would just make a quick post about things I used and learnt during that time about how you can approach attacking as well as some useful tips for the next Dog Tag comp (long way away I know)

Finding targets is the key
So the first thing is about target finding. Now there were two ways you could do this depending on whether you wanted a high score, or just the merits for holding 50/250 tags.

Merit Hunters

To get the merit its all about attacking lots of people you know will have a tag. Use the search tools to come up with a set of lower level players and go through them one by one each day. For example search for players level 5-10 in a Chalet – it is unlikely anyone else has got to them and of course you can check the stats to see if they have lost any Defends since the comp started

Score Hunters

Getting a high score is a balance between collecting lots of tags and collecting special/high score tags. I found the best way of finding collectors is by going through the hospital and looking for players where the attack hasn’t been stealthed. Then target those with higher levels beaten to get higher score tags.

Once you have a few known collectors you can also go through the list of tags you have collected looking for tags which you got from someone other than the original owner, and attack them.

Lastly my sneakiest method was from selling items related to attacking (meds, Epi, Serotonin, FHC) and attacking those who bought from my Bazaar.

If you have time of course always check the stat graphs to check your targets have been attacking 20+ times a day to be sure they are hunting tags.

Mugging is all about timing

Whilst collecting I of course was only mugging (no need to leave or hosp). I found that the best mugs were on those who either hadn’t been attacked in a long time, OR, had been attacking others themselves recently. So if you want high mugs make sure you pick your target wisely

Winners spend more on winning

Of course if you really want to do well in a torn competition you have to spend a lot of money. Looking at the top 25 every single one spent vast amounts of cash on energy boosters and probably temp weapon boosters, maximizing the number of attacks possible.

Some of them even paid other players to return tags to their original owner so that player could attack them. Even more surprising was one player who paid a high stat player to keep their tag for the competition then return it on the last day to get the 10x score bonus!

Temporary Boosters and Attacking in batches

So other than how to win a tag competition I also found out a few cool things about the current torn battle system. Here are some tips for when you know you want to use all your energy on attacking

  1. Stack using Xan, but attack using Vico
    If you can afford the time and want to be attacking those likely to have equal or higher stats than you the best method is to use Xanax to stack as much energy as possible, wait, then pop a vico when you actually attack
  2. Know your strengths and swap temporary boosters each fight
    If you are going to attack 6-40 people in a row then you might as well do it quickly and efficiently. If you can equip temp boosters then why not get all 3 benefits in one fight? I found that popping Epi on my first fight, Melatonin on my second and then Seratonin for the rest meant I could do awesome damage, hit almost every time, and save my cooldown by reducing damage. I was then able to beat players with 3 times my stats without much trouble – and for one player with 10x my stats a Smoke grenade was all it took along with the other 3 temp boosters in effect.
  3. Always line up your targets in an order that makes sense. I would stay in hosp and arrange my tabs of targets in weakest to strongest, to allow me to use the tactic above quicker and thus get more attacks in whilst the temp boosters lasted

Bad bloodbags can be used for healing

When I wasn’t stacked and had time as well as a bit of energy spare I found it much better not to use meds when low on health. In fact I would intentionally use bad blood to put me in hosp and wait until I was near full life before either medding out or waiting to get out naturally.

Benefit? Well instead of wasting 4 hours cool down I spent 1 hour cooldown, had max HP. and of course didn’t risk getting attacked during the 80 mins you spend in hosp. Better yet the cooldown you spend is restored whilst you wait!


So to finish off congratulations to all of those who were in the top 25 this year, and to the rest – better luck next year!

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