The benefits of faction hopping

Want to be the best? You now have an extra option.

Previously the best players in torn would swap jobs monthly to obtain the best and most appropriate benefits to their merit/training goals. But with the new faction upgrade trees there is now another boost. Faction hopping 🙂

If you are super active and know enough faction leaders you can do this every few hours. Otherwise once a day should be enough.

  1. Maximise your nerve refills – before using your daily nerve refill join a faction with 25+ extra nervebar
  2. Maximise your booster use – depending on your strategy join a faction with either max can boosts, or max alc bottle boost. Usually these factions have a 48 hour booster cooldown so you only need to do this every 2 days.
  3. Maximise your training – Join a faction with high steadfast specials. If using cans do this with 1k e after using the can boost.
  4. Maximise your rehab – Join a faction with excursion, and get up to 20% off your rehab bill
  5. Maximise your revive merit – join a faction with fortitude and revive cost reduction.
  6. Maximise your missions – join a faction with aggression and supression on

All great in theory, but why would a faction leader allow you to do this?

Easy – With most things the more members that go through a faction the quicker they unlock better specials. For some specials expect to pay a small fee for entry too, and don’t expect to stay long in the faction you visit!

72 thoughts on “The benefits of faction hopping”

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