Things I do other than Torn

Well I thought I would just tell you all a little more about myself as I have had a few people ask me some pretty simple questions. I guess this is a kind of Bio or whatever.


So I am XX years old and I live in Australia, although I am originally British. I support Manchester United and am into running, cycling, coding and sci-fi. I used to love gaming, but now I am XX and thinking about having kids etc I need to think more about making money ūüôā


My¬†day to day job is in IT, although I can’t really tell you what I do, it would take too long. I’ll simplify it to a word: Automation. I also have a few “part time” jobs (although I don’t get paid, I just do things for my family) such as building websites. I used to try and make money from websites and I earnt my first $100¬†writing articles ¬†for “crowd-sourced” knowledge sharing platform info barrel¬†–¬†even if you don’t become a top writer there it is still a great way to learn how to make website content that people actually want to read.

My second $100 came from adsense adverts and amazon sales through my old torn help site (long gone) which some of you may remember I set up with Swoosh [11002] before he quit and got married, had kids, and became an entrepreneur up in Scotland. Our first site still exists – check it out to have a good laugh!

Music and Film

I’m pretty much going to like anything that isn’t a boy band or a teenage girl with issues trying to break away from a country past. Wide ranging I can go from flloyd to marshall, edward to muse or billie to Jimi, maybe even¬†USM to O (If someone can name all 6 of the acts¬†I have referenced¬†they get a DP). I’m also in the middle of watching the last 47 of the top 250 IMDB films, I started when I started playing torn by the way!

Real life goals

I’ve just started¬†training for a Marathon.

Religion, health and politics

I count myself as agnostic, although I am a massive fan of religion and it’s effect on population control through the ages (mainly as a subject to study). The theme runs in to my views on politicians and the way governments act to “keep the population down”. I’m not a conspiracy theorist as such, but some things that go on so one person can make a quick buck makes me sick

Take medicine for instance. Huge amounts of money get handed to doctors and pharmacists all over the world for people to deal with the symptoms of various things. Things which I am sure can be cured, or avoided, without all that bollocks. I mean we got rid of smallpox and have dealt with all kinds of nasty things, how is it possible we have made no advance on the common cold etc?

I am an avid fan of alternative medicine, such as Acupeal, it’s a small device that can make you feel good all the time¬†by using pulsed light and concepts taken from ancient Chinese medicine. It’s quite new, so you won’t have heard of it yet,¬†and most likely it will¬†be ignored by “western medicine” because it isn’t a pill, it isn’t addictive and it doesn’t make any of the big pharma companies any money.

The media

Don’t get me started on Rupert. I see on the news how some countries use propaganda to control the people and manipulate them to stop them asking questions about the leader in charge (NK for example). But geez¬†it’s amazing how Rupert can influence so many things with the dog whistle news articles,¬†ad laden websites and pay-tv where you still get adverts despite the huge fees to watch morons in “real life” situations making bad choices based on mis-information and slimy producers.


I believe in being positive.¬†For example¬†don’t try and quit smoking, quitting is a negative thing, try and grow out of smoking. You are¬†smarter than that. So stay positive

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